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lördag 19 oktober 2013vid1000 - Aros Heavy Fighting Seminar
Inlagd av: Wlfric  Kategori: Mten  Kontakt: Balkeforce© 
När: lördag 19 oktober 2013vid1000 Slutar lördag 19 oktober 2013vid1800
Plats: Liljeforsskolan, Uppsala
Instructors: Lord Atli and Sir Horace Eastbourne

The aim of this seminar is to study the instructors’ fighting styles in depth focusing on footwork and basics.

Equipment: Full armour, sword and shield, gauntlets, water bottle. No period clothing.

Fee: 80 kr. Register by sending an e-mail to balkeforce© (mundane name, SCA name, email) payment instructions will be sent to you.

Level of experience: It does not matter if you are an experienced fighter or a beginner. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to learn things, this seminar will help you to improve your fighting.

Important: The seminar is not about learning tips and tricks, its about learning the foundation and mechanics upon which the instructors have built their style of fighting. Most of the sessions will be unarmored. There will be a limited time for questions and all free sparring will be after the classes are finished.

Food not included.

About Aros Heavy Fighting Seminar 2013:
In the Aros fight practise group we are inspired by traditional Eastern and Western martial art practises. We strive to have a disciplined and systematic approach towards heavy fighting with focus on footwork. We have now decided to organise a seminar with instructors having a similar approach to fighting. The instructors will show us how they use their footwork during the fight and explain about how they developed their fighting skills. Focus will be on basics, footwork and power generation by movement.
Our vision of having a seminar instead of the classical bootcamp is that we want the focus to be on the instructors martial skills and how to learn them in a whole package. The focus will not be on how the participant can take them into his/her personal fight repetoire as fast as possible. We hope that this will lead to a deeper understanding of different fighting styles meanwhile it will promote footwork. The seminar will be filmed and uploaded to Aros Fight Practise facebook group (open group).
This is a pilotproject where another way of learning our martial art is explored.

Contact: Bulkur/Jonas Balkefors balkeforce©

Aros Fight Seminar 2013 is brought to you by Bulkur, Magnus Ölmundr and Lord Valfrid.
Most Honourable advicer: King Sven.
Many thanks to Countess Cecilia Jaeger

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