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fredag 05 maj 2017vid1700 - The Return of Lövspricket
Inlagd av: Herr Fimbul  Kategori: Evenemang  Kontakt: joakim© 
När: fredag 05 maj 2017vid1700 Slutar söndag 07 maj 2017vid1200
Plats: Brattby, Umeå
As it once was, it will be again, a celebration of the budding of the leaves on the trees in our not the northernmost of shires, and there will be much rejoicing, since this feast has not been had for many years. Dance, fighting, archery and plentiful eating are things that hopefully will come to pass, possibly at the same time but otherwise one after the other. Horray!

The celebration will be held in Brattby Village Hall, in the fair shire of Uma, 20 farthings west of Umeå. Lodging available on floors or in tents, camping outside allowed. Umeå is best accessed by train or Umeå airport. Site opens at 17:00 Friday and closes at 13:00 on Sunday.

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