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fredag 04 maj 2018vid1800 - Dubbelkriget XXXI
Inlagd av: Ingrid A  Kategori: Evenemang  Kontakt: ingrid.audardotter© 
När: fredag 04 maj 2018vid1800 Slutar söndag 13 maj 2018vid1200
Plats: Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS
Dubbelkriget XXXI
Annons på svenska kommer inom kort.


Double Wars XXXI
4-13th May Shire of Attemark, Nordmark, Drachenwald
Attemark and Baggeholm is for the 31st time hosting the great Double Wars, and again it is located on the beautiful Sjöröd site in the far south of Attemark.

This year there will, as always be a busy schedule of arts&science, fencing, heavy fighting tournaments & wars, archery, throwing axes and everything else we love in our fair society. The site invites to grand camping with complete immersion into the historical world. We invite all groups and individuals to build beautiful camps, plan exiting feasts, parties or gatherings to make this a grand war event. The site also has indoor sleeping, tent crashspace in rope beds and plenty of room for mundane camping.

Double Wars is an event were we get to meet friends from home and far away. We appreciate the festivities many of you arrange during the event and therefore we want to focus on enabling the many activities groups and individuals are planning.

On the serious note it is that time of the year again - the time when to decide on which side of the knäckebröd to put your butter. Do you belong to the right side? Are you doing your part? All can make a difference, from winning the parade, the archery, the fencing or the glorious heavy fighting. All war points matter and in the end it will be decided - but only until we forget again.

See more about the upcoming event, such as exiting news, schedule festivities etc on the official webpage [länk] or find the Double Wars XXXI facebook event.

Sjöröds Lägerområde, Gyllebo 116, 27297 GÄRSNÄS
Please find detailed traveling information on the website [länk]

Cost and payments

Site fee
Members: 700 SEK
Non-members 850 SEK
Youth 13-16 years of age: 200 SEK
Children 6-12 years of age: 100 SEK
Children below 6 years of age: no cost
Indoor sleeping the whole week 500 SEK, half the week 300 SEK.
For more information on food costs & pre ordering please see the Double Wars webpage [länk]

You need to register and make your payment before the 31th of March to avoid a late fee
of 100 SEK. For payment of indoor Beds special rules apply, check website. [länk]

Payments are to be made to Plus Giro 104 84 33 - 5 (SKA Attemark,DW). More information on the website. [länk]

Registrations are made on [länk] from February 1st.

Event stewards
Viscount Torbjörn Åbryte (Jerker Lindekrantz)
Stegerydsvägen 41, 372 95 Johannishus

Viscountess Blenda af Nääs (Emilia Stenmyr)
Hejans Väg 12, 376 36 Svängsta

Viscount Ludvig af Eke (Christian Stenmyr)
Hejans Väg 12, 376 36 Svängsta

Marshal in Charge
Lord Stigot Eke

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