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fredag 08 november 2019vid1800 - Kingdom University i Gotvik
Inlagd av: Aleydis  Kategori: Evenemang  Kontakt: drots© 
När: fredag 08 november 2019vid1800 Slutar söndag 10 november 2019vid1200
Winter is coming…
As winter is drawing nearer, we, in the fair Kingdom of Drachenwald, prepare ourselves. Stocking up on food, warm clothing and delicious beverages we gather to engage ourselves in the arts and sciences, which will keep us not only warm and well fed, but also happy during the dark and cold months.

To encourage the Arts and Sciences and to share our knowledge with each other, we, the barony of Gotvik, in the principality of Nordmark, invite you all to the Kingdom University the 8-10 November.

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