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The Law of Nordmark

Jovi, söndag 05 juli 2009 - 11:27:39

A. The law of Nordmark
1. Nordmarks place in the world
2. The territory of Nordmark
3. The language of Nordmark
4. The laws of Nordmark
5. Principality events

B. The Coronet of Nordmark
1. The Coronet of Nordmark
2. The Coronet lists
3. The Coronet has the following duties
4. The Coronet has the following rights and privileges
5. If the Principality has no Coronet

C. The Nordmark Ting

D. The officers of Nordmark
1. The officers of the Principality
2. How officers are appointed and removed
3. The duties of all officers
4. The Coronet has the following rights and privileges
5. Descriptions of Principality offices
E. The awards of Nordmark

A. The Law of Nordmark
1. Nordmarks place in the world
a. The Principality of Nordmark is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., here called the SCA. The SCA is a non-profit organisation devoted to the study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The SCA Articles of Incorporation can be found in the SCA, Inc. Organizational Handbook.

b. Noble and royal titles are used in the SCA. We do not use these, or make any claim to them, outside our Society. We claim no power over any territory. We do not endorse any specific religion or political ideology.

2. The territory of Nordmark
a. The Principality of Nordmark encompasses the same territory as the modern Kingdom of Sweden.

3. The language of Nordmark
a. The laws of the Principality of Nordmark will be written in Swedish and English in such a way that the two versions cannot be interpreted differently. Any changes to the law will be made simultaneously to both versions so that no conflict will exist between the two versions at any time.

b. If a document concerns foreign branches or organisations in the SCA or will be sent to branches of the SCA outside Sweden, it shall be translated into English.

c. Any language may of course be spoken at events and courts in Nordmark, according to the wishes of those present. If a foreign language is spoken, proclamations concerning Nordmark's laws and appointments shall also be made in Swedish.

4. The laws of Nordmark
a. The order of precedence for laws in Nordmark is: The Law of the Kingdom of Sweden , other Swedish laws and statutes, The By-Laws and Corpora of the SCA, Governing and Policy Decisions of the Board of Directors of the SCA, the Law of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, Decisions of the Crown of Drachenwald (binding for the duration of the current reign), the Law of the Principality of Nordmark and the decisions of the Coronet of Nordmark (binding for the duration of the current reign).

b. Laws for Nordmark are made by the Coronet, subject to approval by the Crown. Law and lawchanges must be presented before the Ting. The Ting can, by a majority vote, veto law proposals. If two subsequent Coronets present the same unchanged law proposal and the Ting both times vetoes it, the law proposal shall be sent to the Crowns of Drachenwald, with the arguments for and against it. In these cases, the Crown will decide whether the proposal shall be passed. If changes are necessary due to changes in Corpora or Drachenwald law those changes can be made by the Coronet and seneschal without calling a Ting. The Ting can not veto such changes.

c. A law takes effect after it has been published in The Kingdom of Drachenwald Newsletter and the newsletter of the Principality, and proclaimed at a Principality court.

d. The Seneschal of the Principality is responsible for annually having the law printed and made available to the populace at printing and postage cost. If fewer than three alterations have been made, it is sufficient to insert a sheet with corrections into the old book of laws. If nothing has been altered, and old law books remain, printing a new book is not required. The date of publication must be included in the book of law and on any revision sheets. All Nordmark laws not included in this annual publication are considered repealed.

5. Principality events
a. The Principality events are the Ting, and the Coronet Tourney with Investiture.

b. Principality events may be held in conjunction with other traditional Nordmark events. If the times for royal events are known, the gentle responsible for a Principality event shall make sure that it does not coincide in time with any royal event.

B. The Coronet of Nordmark
1. The Coronet of Nordmark
a. Nordmark is ruled by a Prince and a Princess. They have equal power, and neither can act without the consent of the other, except as specifically stated in the law. In this law they are jointly referred
to as "the Coronet."

b. The Coronet of Nordmark rules for nine months.

2. The Coronet lists
a. The Coronet , in cooperation with the seneschal, shall proclaim a Coronet Tourney with Investiture. It shall be advertised, with time and place, in the newsletter of the Kingdom and the newsletter of the Principality so that the announcement reaches the people at least one month before the event. The Coronet Tourney with Investiture takes place in the ninth month of the Coronets period of office. The winning couple shall be invested at the same event as the Coronet Tourney that they have won.

b. Each fighter must have a prospective consort of a different gender than their own. No prospective consort may be fought for by more than one fighter; nor may any fighter fight for more than one prospective consort.

c. Participants must request the right to participate in a letter submitted to the Coronet and the Principality Seneschal at least three weeks prior to the date scheduled for Coronet Tourney.

d. All who seek to win the coronet shall be present at the Coronet Tourney. If anyone is absent, he or she may not be fought for.

e. To be eligible for participation in Coronet tourney, gentles shall be at least 18 years of age, members of the SCA and SKA Nordmark, have access to the newsletter of the Kingdom Drachenwald and the newsletter of the Principality at their house. Each participating couple shall at the tourney hand in an arts or science project. Each participant shall sign a statement saying that they meet the requirements for membership as stated in SCA Inc. Governing and Policy Documents. and the rquirements of the law of Drachenwald and Nordmark.

f. The King and Queen of Drachenwald, the Crown Prince and Princess of Drachenwald or the Prince and the Princess of Nordmark may not fight or be fought for, together or separately, in the Nordmark coronet list during their reign.

3. The Coronet has the following duties
a. They must be present at their Investiture,and at the next Coronet list and Investiture of their successors. At least one of them shall attend any Ting held during their reign.

b. They must know, uphold, and abide by the Governing documents of the SCA Inc, the Laws of Drachenwald and the Laws of the Principality of Nordmark.

c. They must maintain files of all official correspondence, all appointments, awards and other official documents, and upon the termination of their reign pass these files on to their successors. They shall send a list on all awards given by them after each event to the Herald and Chronicler in Nordmark and Drachenwald.

d. They must relinquish any Principality or Kingdom office held, for the duration of the reign.

e. They shall maintain and keep the regalia of the Principality, and upon the termination of their reign pass these on to their successors.They shall include an update to the invenmory of the Historian for all new regalia accepted during their reign including gifts and commisions.

f. They shall recognise their predecessors as Viscount and Viscountess, through documents and proclamation at their first court, when the predecessors have fulfilled the requirements for such title and rank per Corpora.

g. They must be active in Nordmark, maintain their SCA memberships and have access to the newsletter of the Principality and The Kingdom newsletter at their house throughout their reign (if the Prince and Princess cohabitate, only one subscription to each newsletter is required).

h. They shall be examples of chivalry, courtesy and other virtues which are expected of nobles, and shall support and encourage such virtues in all their subjects.

i. They shall give appropriate recognition to those whom they deem worthy of such honour for their achievements and service within the Principality.

4.The Coronet has the following rights and privileges
a. The right to give Awards of Arms, as the representatives of the Crown.

b. The right to give such other Kingdom awards as have been specifically delegated to the Coronet by the Crown.

c. The right to give out Nordmark's Principality awards.

d. The right to bar anyone from participation in Coronet Tourney.When they do so a letter of refusal shall be sent , if possible in good time before the tourney, to the barred person. The reasons for barring shall be stated in the letter.

e. The right of sanctum, which is defined as an area within a radius of ten feet from the Coronet.

f. The right to appoint a court consisting of such guards, advisors and assistants as they need.

g. The right to accept or refuse personal gifts or gifts to the Coronet. Gifts to the Coronet become regalia and are the property of the Principality.

h. The sole right to propose new laws to the Ting.

5. If the Principality has no Coronet
a. If either the Prince or the Princess abdicates or dies, or the Crown rules that he or she is unable to fulfill the duties and obligations of the Coronet, according to Corpora, Kingdom Law or Principality Law, then the remaining party shall reign as Coronet until the end of the designated reign. The person unable to fulfill these duties and obligations forfeits the right to Viscountal rank and title.

b. If both the Prince and Princess are unable to fulfill these duties and obligations, the Seneschal shall become regent. As regent, the Seneschal holds all the rights and duties of the Coronet except the right to give awards and make law. The Seneschal shall as soon as possible hold a Coronet Tourney and an Investiture, and thus ensure that the Principality gets a new Coronet.

C. The Nordmark Ting
a. At the Nordmark ting the people of Nordmark gather to discuss the internal affairs of the principality. The nordmark ting is held once per reign if needed.

b. The announcement shall specify all questions to be discussed at the Ting.

c. At the Ting all residents of Nordmark have the right to be present and to speak, Members of the SCA , Inc who reside in Nordmark have the right to vote. The Seneschal may call in others , giving them the right to speak but not the right to vote.

d. For a Ting to be valid, no fewer than a 25% or 25 individuals, whichever is the smalest number, of the SCA members permanently residing inNordmark must be present or send a letter of attorney. The Principality Seneschal,and at least three other Principality officers, or their duly appointed respresentatives must be present, otherwise, a new Ting must be announced.

e. If the Coronet proposes that a piece of the regalia be destroyed, sold or given away, the Ting shall decide with a vote of simple majority what is to be done with it.

f. If a properly constituted petition from an area outside Nordmark which requests inclusion in the Principality is received, the Coronet shall listen to and carefully consider the opinion of the Ting before any petition to change Nordmark's borders is sent to the Crown of Drachenwald or the Board of Directors of the SCA.

g. If one or more Principality officers so request, time and space shall be provided at the Ting, for the officers of the Principality to meet separately and discuss matters pertaining to their office. At such meetings, seneschals from the Principality groups have the right to be present and to speak.

D. The officers of Nordmark
1. The officers of the Principality
a. The Principality shall always have the following officers:
Seneschal, Herald, Knight Marshal, Exchequer, Minister of Arts and Minister of Sciences, Chronicler, Chatelaine, and Chirurgeon . These posts must always be filled.

b. Apart from these, the Principality can have other officer, who are appointed when the need arises. These can be: Historian, Minister of the Lists, Constable, Captain of the Archers, University Chancellor, Signet Clerk, Marshal of Fence, or other officer which the Principality needs.

2. How officers are appointed and removed
a. When an officer' is to be appointed, the Seneschal or the predecessor shall advertise for a new officer in the newsletter of the Principality and allow one month for applications. All who wish to serve in that office shall reply to the advertiser. Then the advertiser, with the Seneschal and the Coronet, shall propose the best candidate.

b. Principality officers are appointed by the superior Kingdom officer subject to the approval of the Crown, or of the Coronet when such power has been delegated to them by the Crown.

c. No one shall hold more than one Principality office at the same time, nor shall any Principality officer serve as Kingdom officer at the same time.

d. Officers hold their office for two years, after which time they may step down or may request to extend their tenure for another two years. This request is subject to approval by the Coronet and the Seneschal. No one shall hold an office for more than four years in a row.

e. If a Principality officer leaves office before the end of the term, and there is no successor, the officer's deputy shall serve out the remainder of the term.

f. Principality officers are removed from office according to the procedures given in the Governing documents of SCA Inc and the Laws of the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

3. The duties of all officers
a. An officer must be at least eighteen years old.

b. An officer must maintain membership in the SCA throughout the term of office.

c. An officer must have access to the newsletter of the Principality and The Kingdom at his or her house.

d. An officer shall be present at the Ting, or send a proxy. The proxy must have a letter from the officer, stating that he or she indeed the chosen representative of the officer. The proxy represents the office at the Ting, reports on its activities and its views on questions under discussion, and brings news of the decisions and views of the Ting to the officer.

e. An officer shall report to his or her superior officer in such manner as the superior instructs, and send copies of the reports to the Coronet.

f. An officer shall watch over the development and knowledge within the office's area of work.

g. An officer shall maintain an archive. When the officer steps down from office, this archive must be handed over to the officer's successor within one month of stepping down

h. An principality officer shall be in frequent contact with subordinate officers in Nordmark's branches, forwarding news and information to them.

i. An officer shall train a successor.

j. An officer must reside in Nordmark throughout the term of office.

k. An officer may appoint as many deputies as he or she finds necessary.

l. An principality officer shall have a written policy on how the office shall work in Nordmark, and make that policy known to all officers under his or her supervision.

4. Descriptions of Principality offices
Principality offices are described in Corpora and the Law of the Kingdom of Drachenwald. A copy of Corpora , of Drachenwald Law and the Nordmark Law shall be given to each officer , at copying and distribution cost, at the time of their appointment.

a. Seneschal
The Seneschal chairs the Ting. The Seneshal shall keep copies of Corpora, Drachenwald Law and the Nordmark Lawon hand for distribution among officers.The Seneschal acts as an advisor in legal and governmental activities of the Coronet, and the citizens of the Principality. Should the Coronet not possess a Patent of Arms, the Seneschal shall poll all Patent-holding royal peers resident in Nordmark two month before coronation. If, in the opinion of those, the Coronet meets the standards set out by the Corpora, Drachenwald law and Nordmark law, then the Coronet shall receive a Patent of Arms from their successors.

b. Herald
The Herald shall maintain an order of precedence, make it available to the populace and keep it updated.

c. Knight Marshal
The Knight Marshal has the right to issue additional regulations on weapons, armour, and safety in combat, in co-operation with his or her superior. The Knight Marshal is responsible for all martial activities including heavy weapons, fencing and combat archery.

d. Minister of Arts and Science
The Minister of Arts supervises and encourages art activities such as guilds, exhibitions, arts and crafts competitions. The Minister of Science supervises and encourages the study of medieval technology, philosophy, sociology, and similar areas. These two offices may be held by the same person, who shall then be called Minister of Arts and Science.

e. Exchequer
The Exchequer is responsible for Nordmark's treasury and membership registry.

f. Chronicler
The chronicler is responsible for the writing, duplication, and mailing of the newsletter of the Principality. The Chronicler shall supervise other newsletters inside the borders of Nordmark, and ensure that courtesy copies are sent to those entitled to them.

g. Chirurgeon
The Chirurgeon must have knowledge and training that corresponds to the standard first aid class taught by the Red Cross.

h. Historian
The Historian collects material concerning Nordmark's history and maintains a list of regalia.

i. Minister of the Lists
The Minister of the lists is responsible for the paperwork at tournaments. The Minister of the Lists has the right to unhindered view of the list, and co-operates especially with the Knight Marshal.

k. Chatelaine
The Chatelaine is a deputy of the seneschal, and coordinates information given to interested people and new members throughout the Principality.

l. Constable
The Constable supports the autocrat with order and security at events. At tournaments and wars, the Constable co-operates especially with the Knight Marshal.

m. Captain of the Archers
The Captain of the Archers is a deputy of the Knight Marshal, supervises and encourages medieval target archery, ensures that the safety rules for archery are obeyed, and has the right to issue additional safety regulations in co-operation with his or her superior.

n. University Chancellor
The University Chancellor is a deputy of the Minister of Science, and coordinates and supervises the University of Nordmark.

E. The awards of Nordmark
The Principality of Nordmark has the following awards, which are equal in rank and honour. These awards brings an AoA.

a. Gyllene Bandet (Order of the Golden Ribbon)
Given for hard and tenacious work for the Principality and a willingness to put their knowledge at other peoples disposal.

b. Vita Portens Väktare (Guardians of the White Portal)
Given to those who have shown themselves to be chivalrous, proficient in the use of weapons, and willing to teach others. This award is given for all types of martial activities sanctioned in the Principality.

c. Ljusorden (Order of the Light).
Given to those who have shown skill in arts, crafts, and science, and a will to share their skills and knowledge with others.

d. Drömmens Order (Order of the Dream).
This order is closed.

e. Saladins Ring
Given to those who have shown exceptional courtesy, consideration, and chivalry.

f. The Carneol of Nordmark
Awarded to individuals or groups who have work for re-constructing the feeling of the bright medieval age.

g. Nordmark Malachite
Awarded to individuals or groups who have studied the time period re enacted in the SCA and used the results of these studies for the well being of Nordmark.

f. Chevron of Nordmark
Awarded to individuals or groups who doesn't reside in Nordmark and have contributed to the well being of Nordmark.

Recipients of these awards shall support the Coronet with advice and work, promote work in the activities pertaining to the award and be ready to suggest worthy candidates for elevation and reward.

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